Coeur Temps

Coeur Temps

Coeur Temps

Coeur Temps
Project Details

We have fallen in love.

We were introduced to the Sommelier range, innovative bottles with pure lines, stylized, without any ring near the bottle finish, with contemporary aesthetics and an essential silhouette... a dream for any designer.

How to represent this platonic love? Perhaps dressing the bottles with the heart "Coeur" and the hourglass "Temps" as symbols of eternal love and a representation of contrasts that complement each other and are perceived with the five senses.

  • Sight: uncontrollable red and refined gold.
  • Hearing: the jingle of the toast and the silence of the embrace.
  • Smell: the smell of wet red soil and sea breeze.
  • Taste: the strength of the red wine and the freshness of the white.
  • Touch: the coolness and perfection of the glass with the warmth and the raw texture of the paper.

It happened, it was love at first sight... True passion!

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